The Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show is an annual event that brings the global dance community together in celebration of creativity, industry innovation, and the fight against cancer. This spectacular event takes place at the historic Avalon Theater in Hollywood where dancers, educators, pioneers, and icons are recognized for their outstanding achievements and artistic contributions. A star-studded red carpet, brilliant performances, and a presentation from Dancers Against Cancer Foundation combine to make the IDA the most prestigious event in the dance industry.

The 7th annual Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show has a goal to reach a minimum of 5 million dollars in donations to help support cancer­-related charities including Dancers Against Cancer.

Through a meticulous selection process that spans nine national dance competitions, four dance conventions, and the entire professional dance community, the Industry Dance Awards has the pleasure of recognizing performers and dance icons in numerous award categories. Our sponsors put a tremendous amount of collaborative effort and energy into making The Industry Dance Awards a true reflection of the passion that exists in our community. On this amazing evening, the breakthroughs and achievements of the many talented individuals that have transformed our industry are given the spotlight and distinction they deserve.

Mark your calendars! The Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show will take place in Hollywood, CA on Wednesday August 15, 2018! This year's celebration will showcase memorable performances and highlight the diverse achievements of industry leaders and innovators.

Board of Directors

CEO Rick Lands
President Matthew Diaz-Caldwell
Treasurer Andrea Wishart
Secretary Melissa May
First VP Steve Wappel
VP Jackie Sleight
VP Liz Imperio
VP Michelle Kresge


Applause Talent Andrea Wishart
Countdown Dennis Caspary
Groove Daniel DeFranco
Hollywood Connection Bill Bohl & Kimberly Rhinelander
Hollywood Vibe Chris & Anne Smith
KAR Rick Lands
LADM Jackie Sleight
Masquerade Melissa May
Rainbow Dance Rick Lands & Amber Sandoval
Spotlight Dance Cup Michelle Kresge
StarQuest Steve Wappel
Tremaine Joe Tremaine
Turn It Up Melissa Burns
Public Relations Status PR - Chris Rossi
Directors Branch Liz Imperio (2018)
Producers Branch Adrian Ruiz, Matthew Diaz-Caldwell (2018)